Dr. Rauf Malick

Professor @ GU Tech, Al Ghazali University

Title of the Talk: Complex System Modeling through Complex Network based Representation

Abstract: The rise of Generative AI along with deep learning models have successfully addressed the challenging problems of past. The recently emerged area of AI has several limitations and perfectly fit for a set of problems including learning patterns and predictive modeling. However, understanding of complex systems in terms of topological representation, modeling of dynamics, significance of micro/macro/meso attributes, and multi-scale system modeling demands novel methods. Complex systems often exhibit emergent behavior, where interactions between individual components give rise to system-level phenomena that cannot be easily understood by examining each
component in isolation. In such cases, traditional modeling approaches may struggle
to capture the intricacies of these interactions, leading to limited predictive

Moreover, sampled data instances may not fully represent the complexity of the system, as they might miss critical interactions or fail to capture rare events that are essential for accurate predictions. This limitation can result in biased models that generalize poorly to new data. To address these challenges, researchers often employ advanced modeling techniques such as agent-based modeling, network analysis, or machine learning algorithms capable of capturing nonlinear relationships and emergent behavior. These approaches enable a more comprehensive understanding of complex systems by incorporating micro-level contributions and interactions into the model. In proposed session several cases will be presented including modeling vaccination and isolation strategy for academic institution in case of pandemic, discovery of drug-target
gene in complex biological system, and modeling of fake news dynamics over
social media.

Moreover, role of complex networks will be discussed playing crucial role in future Graph Neural Network Models and representational analysis of Knowledge Graphs.

Speaker: Dr. Rauf is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and his key competencies lie in data driven decision making and digital transformation. With an experience of over twenty years; in research, teaching, product development and consultancy, Dr. Rauf has established himself as a force to reckon with, in the AI and digital transformation landscape of Pakistan.

On the academic front, he has rendered his services in a number of well-reputed higher education institutions. Before joining GUTech,  he served at FAST-NU Karachi, for almost five years, as an Associate Professor of Computer Science and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Additionally, he also laid the foundation of the Centre for Complex Systems and AI at FAST-NU. Previously, he served at the DHA Suffa University as an Assistant Professor at the department of Computer Science. While at DSU, he pioneered the DSA Media Labs. Previously, he has been associated with other renowned higher education institutions such as Bahria University and PAF-KIET, as a faculty member.

As a data science and AI enthusiast and to quench his unrelenting thirst to drive impact in the field of AI, Data Science and Bioinformatics in Pakistan,he took on an Advisory role at a number of start-ups. He is the Co-founder of Saeed bin Dawood IT Systems and served as the Director, Research and Development at Universal Engineering Associates.

Dr. Rauf was appointed the Head of the Bioinformatics Research Lab and is currently a Member of the Board of Studies at KSBL, MAJU, and FAST NU. At FAST NU, he joined as a member of the Academic Board.

As a young researcher, he pursued a three-month program; “Mathematics for Knowledge and Search Engines”, as a visiting scholar at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, IPAM, UCLA, USA. Furthermore, he visited the Lab of Gene Product, National Institute of Genetics, Japan, as part of his research. Additionally, he was involved with the HEJ between 2003-2012 for collaborative work with the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Bioinformatics. 

During his illustrious career as an academic, he supervised almost 40 Masters theses and 2 PhD theses. Earlier, he earned his MPhil and PhD degrees in Computer Science, from the Karachi University.

Over the years, Dr. Rauf has made his mark in the AI and digital transformation landscape of Pakistan. It is an absolute pleasure to welcome him as a faculty member, here at GUTech.

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