Dr. Omar Usman Khan

Professor (Computer Science)

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences,
Peshawar Pakistan

Title of the Talk: Developments in Quantum Computing & Communication

Abstract: Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to perform calculations and operations on data. In this tutorial, we will explore the basics of quantum computing, its key concepts along with physical and mathematical interpretations. We will also cover its application and use in Pakistan and beyond. The tutorial will also cover some demonstrative and hands on work on actual IBM quantum machines using Qiskit.

Topics of the talk is following

  • Overview of quantum computing and its history, Basic principles of quantum mechanics (superposition, entanglement, measurement), Quantum bits (qubits) and quantum gates, Quantum circuit diagrams and notation.
  • Quantum hardware and its realization (IBM, Rigetti, D-Wave), error correction & fault tolerant computing, Quantum Processing Units (QPU)
  • Quantum computing algorithms (Deutsch-Jozsa, Shor's Algorithm)
  • Quantum communication algorithms (BB8-4)
  • Quantum error correction and fault-tolerant computing
  • Usage of Qiskit and IBM Quantum Experience
  • Quantum Information Theory

Speaker: Dr. Omar is a director and professor at FAST-NUCES, Peshawar
campus. He completed his post-doctorate and PhD from the Polytechnic University
of Turin in 2014. His active areas of research are in the field of high-performance
scientific computing, theoretical computer science, quantum information theory,
modeling and simulation, and natural language processing, with multiple
research articles published, and funded research projects in these fields. He
most recently concluded an international project on the design and analysis of
a Quantum Communication system.

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