Accepted Papers

Analysis of Communication Networks using Motifs

Bilal Butt, Sufyan Faizi, Nazoor Saleemi and Ayesha Jawed

Tutorial: Blockchain Based Decentralized Distributed Architecture

Kashif Khan

Accelerometer and Magnetometer Enabled Entity Following Automated Suitcase

Omar Bin Samin, Hamza Sohail, Maryam Omar and Hamza Hummam

Modeling POS Tagging for the Urdu Language

Zarmeen Nasim, Shaukat Abidi and Sajjad Haider

Robust Review Rating Prediction Model based on Machine and Deep Learning: Yelp Dataset

Abdul Rafay, Muhammad Suleman and Affan Alim

Random Patterns Clothing Image Retrieval using Convolutional Neural Network

Rizwan Shah, Saad Khalil, Naeem Akhter, Naeem Bhatti and Iván García-Magariño

Artificial Intelligence based Nonlinear Integral Back-stepping Control Approach for MPPT of Photovoltaic System

Zain Khan, Waleed Ahmad, Umar Khan, Zahid Ullah, Atiq Ur Rehman and Rashid Khan

Reactive Power Compensation and Switching Optimization in Matrix Converter using Model Predictive Current Control Approach

Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Hammad Afzal and Muhammad Waqar

Pattern Analysis towards Biometric Verification using Photoplethysmograph Signals

Muhammad Umar Khan, Sumair Aziz, Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi, Ahmed Zaib and Aiman Maqsood

Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++ (Tutorial Proposal)

Ayaz Ul Hassan Khan

Speaker Identification Using a Hybrid CNN-MFCC Approach

Muhammad Shahid Bhatti, Aweem Ashar and Usama Mushtaq

Electricity Theft Detection using Empirical Mode Decomposition and K-Nearest Neighbor

Sumair Aziz, Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi, Muhammad Umar Khan and Taimoor Aslam

Rapid Aircraft Classification in Satellite Imagery using Fully Convolutional Residual Network

Shah Nawaz Khan, Syed Irteza Ali Khan, Shahzad Anwar, Muhammad Salman Khan and Zain Ul Abideen

Pattern Analysis for Classification of Power Quality Disturbances

Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, Abdullah, Adil Usman and Areeba Mobeen

Detection of Subacute Intestinal Obstruction from Surface Electromyography Signatures

Muhammad Umar Khan, Sumair Aziz, Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi, Maira Sohail, Sana Samer and Zurria Sajid

Designing of LLCL Filter for Mitigation of Harmonics in Smart Grid Applications and its Implementation on Sapphire Textile Industry Unit-3

Zia Hameed

Cost Effective Automated Monitoring System for Induction Motor Faults

Talha Mujahid, Taimoor Muzaffar, Umar Farooq and Hamza Bashir

A Review of Brain Computer Interface Spellers

Farhan Masood, Muzammal Hayat, Tasawar Murtaza and Abdullah Irfan

Classification of Coronary Artery Diseases using Electrocardiogram Signals

Muhammad Umar Khan, Sumair Aziz, Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi and Abdul Rehman

Gesture Controlled Hexacopter using MEMS Technology

Abdullah Mughees, Syed Zulqadar Hassan, Mobeen Yaseen, Ali Abbas, Tariq Kamal, Neelam Mughees, Anam Mughees and Muahmmad Zain Iqbal

Emotion Recognition System using Pulse Plethysmograph

Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, Nadeem Asghar and Ghulam Rasool

Terminal Sliding Mode Nonlinear Control Strategy for MPPT Application of Photovoltaic System

Zain Khan, Umar Khan and Zaheer Alam

A Novel Neuro-Fuzzy GMPPT Algorithm based on Generalized Global Sliding Mode Concept for Variable-Shaded Photovoltaic System

Waleed Ahmad, Umar Khan, Zaheer Alam, Izhar Ul Haq, Zain Khan and Rashid Khan

Climate Smart Agriculture: A Survey and Taxonomy

Maria Gulzar, Ghulam Abbas and Muhammad Waqas

IoT and Wireless Sensor Network based Autonomous Farming Robot

Arsalan Khan, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan and Mudassar Bashir

Soft Computing Technique based Nonlinear Sliding Mode Control for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System

Atiq Ur Rehman, Laiq Khan, Nagmash Ali, Zaheer Alam, Zain Khan and Malak Khan

GRNN based Backstepping Sliding Mode Control Scheme for Maximum Power Extraction of Photovoltaic System

Rashid Khan, Zain Khan, Waleed Ahmad, Umar Khan, Zaheer Alam and Izhar Ul Haq

Neural Network based Robust Nonlinear GMPPT Control Approach for Partially Shadow Conditions of Solar Energy System

Waleed Ahmad, Umar Khan, Zain Khan, Zaheer Alam, Hanan Qasuria and Ehtasham Mustafa

Early Detection of Failure Risks from Students' Data

Faiza Kouser, Areej Fatemah and Naeem Ahmed Mahoto

Object Detection and Localization in Natural Scenes Through Single-Step and Two-Step Models

Aneela Malik, Aun Irtaza and Nudrat Nida

Age Estimation and Gender Classification Based on Human Gait Analysis

Syeda Iqra Gillani, Muhammad Awais Azam and M. Ehatisham-Ul-Haq

A Review of Proposed Machine Learning Techniques for Load Forecasting in Smart Grids

Alsulaiman, Abdul Hameed Memon, Kashif Irshad, Muhammad Zeeshan Malik and Muzafar Hussain

Improved Single Target Accuracy Using Feature Selection for Multitarget Regression

Muhammad Raza Shah and Farrukh Hasan Syed

Mechanics of Digital Mathematics Games for Learning of Problem-Solving: An Extensive Literature Review

Nadira Ahmed, Unaeza Alvi and Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba Asad

Tutorial Paper (Information visualization): Data Visualization with Python3.8 using Anaconda3

Dure Jabeen and Maria Fatima

IoT-Flock: An Open-source Framework for IoT Traffic Generation

Syed Ghazanfar, Faisal Hussain, Atiq Ur Rehman, Ubaid Ullah Fayyaz, Farrukh Shahzad and Ghalib A. Shah

Hexagonal Shaped CPW Feed Based Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for WLAN and Sub-6 GHz 5G Applications

Shakir Ullah, Inzamam Ahmad, Yasir Raheem, Sadiq Ullah, Toufeeq Ahmad and Usman Habib

Maximum Arborescence Problem on Restricted Graph Classes

Fatima Taqvi and Imran Rauf

Urdu Braille Editor

Iqra Akram, Iqra Khan, Zunairah Khan and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui

Low Power and High Speed Dadda Multiplier using Carry Select Adder with Binary to Excess-1 Converter

Zain Shabbir, Muteen Munawar, Talha Khan, Muhammad Rehman, Kamran Daniel, Ahmed Sheraz and Muhammad Omer

Evaluating the Optimized Mutation Analysis Approach in Context of Model-Based Testing

Fozia Mehboob, Abdul Rauf and Raza Ur Rehman Qazi

On Finding Similar Verses from the Holy Quran using Word Embeddings

Sumaira Saeed, Sajjad Haider and Quratulain N Rajput

News Headlines Categorization Scheme for Unlabeled Data

Shazia Usmani

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